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New owners, new look

Alfasan is undergoing a renewal process with the construction of a new office, the expansion of the machinery and new products. A new corporate identity is of course also part of this! Gradually, all products will be provided with a new logo.

Alfasan Group of Companies

Within the Alfasan Group of Companies, we are committed to the care and protection of your animals, day in and day out. We have been doing so as manufacturer of veterinary medicines since 1975, with our range of medicines for your animals. In 2016, we established a new green division with the aim to prevent diseases through a range of natural products. This green division was established by us to contribute to the reduction of the unnecessary use of antibiotics. We believe that prevention is better than cure.

Our medicines are manufactured in our own facility in Woerden, The Netherlands. The whole process takes place under the strict conditions of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

We are specialists in the manufacturing of injection fluids, in particular suspensions. In addition, Alfasan also offers diverse intramammary injectors, eye medication, tablets and powders in a wide range of therapeutic groups.

Facts and figures:

  • Available in 110 countries
  • Over 1900 registered veterinary medicines
  • 150 different products

What makes us special? 

What makes us special is the layout of the factory. We are able to manufacture penicillin and non-penicillin injection fluids in our factory in completely separate production units, both with their own climate control. You could therefore say that we are two factories in one. Our manufacturing process is completely automated and configured to manufacture batches of 2000 L.